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Helping couples sustain healthy and happy relationships
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Pre-Marital Counseling
Are you preparing for the wedding? Well let us help you prepare for the marriage. We offer structured sessions to support you in building a strong foundation to start your marriage.

Traditional Couples Counseling
We believe that friendship is the foundation of a successful marriage or relationship. Our ultimate goal is to work with you and your significant other to build Loyalty, Trust, Love, and Respect which all are determined by the strength of your friendship.
Involves one therapist intake/assessment initial session 175.00. All subsequent sessions following the initial intake/assessment 150.00

Couples Counseling- Quad Sessions:
Here at Family First Choice, Inc., along with traditional couples counseling, we offer a unique option of having a husband and wife team available together to conduct quad sessions with the client and their spouse or partner. Please contact us to get more information on how you and your spouse can benefit from this option.
Involves two fully licensed therapist intake/assessment 250.00. All subsequent sessions following the initial intake/assessment 225.00

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